Hello! I’m a brand strategist, content engineer and creative copywriter with a passion for innovation, specialist offers and niche markets – and a secret love for database technology and natural medicine

My early history of  selling stories

Content engineering and storytelling are part of my DNA. I learned to read and write when I was five years old and devoured the entire fairy tale department of our local library. It became one of my favorite games to figure out how to structure and frame my fairy tale induced thought world in way that captivated my audience of sceptical grown ups. These skills have shaped my life path – and they come in handy on today’s colorful and dynamic market.

A cheeky kind of creativity

I got my start in copywriting and brand development, which I used to pay my way through my years of travelling the world. I launched a series of product brands and helped other entrepreneurs with their branding too. I loved my work and was a pretty good young business lady, I built a small international network of recurring customers with minimum online presence.

When I look back on this period, I believe the formula was very similar to what we bring together with King Eve: a cheeky kind of creativity in combination with a focussed and output oriented mindset. And of course, my love for the magic of stories.

Deep dive into systems theory & mythology

In 2013, I moved back from California to Amsterdam and completed a master’s degree in Natural Resource Management, for which I made a deep dive into systems theory and mythology. It was like I switched on a light bulb in my brain and the many things I learned over the years fell into place. These theories still inspire my work today.

Hello, King Eve!

After my graduation, I worked as a strategist and copywriter for different evolving businesses. In 2017, I founded my own startup, from where I joined a team of digital craftsmen in their endeavor to build the next big multimedia platform. In 2019, I joined the board of a creative collective in the Dutch festival scene and became partner in a local soda factory.

In the projects I was part of over the years, I saw similar patterns that would determine failure and success and I felt a desire to bring my experience together in a small company of my own. Hello, King Eve!

A world made of stories

I love to help solving puzzles at the crossroads where people’s ideas and visions meet reality. I am here to untangle the knots in your plans, create structure and linearity, find the creative building blocks of your brand story and write you the lyrics.

Our world is built on the stories we tell and I believe that the disclosure of high quality content through products and services is a great way to enrich people’s mindsets and the way we experience our reality.

If you are curious or think I would be curious, feel free to give me a call or send me an email!

+31 620 876 005

“We love everything that’s smart and beautiful about life and we believe that the disclosure of high quality content through products and services is a great way to enrich people’s mindsets and the way we experience our day to day reality.”