Clarity, focus and informed decisions. From there we build a brand story that feels great and translates into an authentic strategy for your business.

Whether you want to launch a new business or take your current business to another level, you need a good brand strategy. It gives you clarity and focus and it just makes everything more solid.

When we work with you on your brand strategy, you are the captain. It’s our job to provide you with the insights and tools you need for making the decisions that get your business moving in the direction of your vision.

Solution-focused coaching is an integral part of our services. We design our collaboration not only for the success of your brand, but also for the growth of your personal potential as an entrepreneur and brand owner.

Creative direction is where your brand strategy meets your content. We make sure all content plays together in harmony to communicate one coherent story that serves your goals.

Working with King Eve on a creative level, we are there for you as your creative director and as your guide in the process of you becoming the creative director of your own brand. 


High quality brand content that catches the eyes, triggers the minds and steals the hearts of the people in your market.

We start our creative collaboration with an enchanting style guide for your brand.

A brand book contains specifications about the components that make up the look and feel of your brand identity, from logos and imagery to text and typography.

The secret behind a brand book is that it provides consistency – and consistency is sexy. It gives you the handles to make choices, it makes your brand attractive for the people in your market and it distinguishes your business from your competitors.

Copywriting is persuasive writing that is structured in a specific way to praize your business and stimulate the people in your market to become your client or customer. 

King Eve has a lifetime of experience in the art of copywriting. In a joyful and engaging way, we help you to find the words to tell a brand story that resonates with you and with your audience.

King Eve can write your full copy or guide you in your own writing process until your text is ready for us to do the final cut.

You can contact us too for writing and editing pitch decks, speech content, instruction manuals, free ebooks, magazine articles or your autobiography.

Good looks, smooth flow and an authentic kind of forward focus. King Eve designs your website with the following purposes in mind:

1. To bring together the components of your brand style guide in a smooth ‘n good looking online brand experience

2. To make the people in your target group to get your point, fall in love and switch to the desired action mode

3. To create a vehicle for you to grow your business in line with where you are right now and where you want to go in the future

Website development is the work that we do behind the scenes to enable your website’s functionality. In other words, it makes your website do what you want it to do – for you and for your visitors.

King Eve is experienced in developing professional websites that are easy to maintain and to extend as your business grows.

King Eve is part of a network of artists, designers and photographers. We are happy to help you with finding the right match for your project – and of course we stand by your side as your creative director.


King Eve sees good marketing for startups and scaleups a little different. We can offer you a down-to-earth strategy to share your offer with your market and attract, convert and retain customers in an easy going way. If you’re in for the more serious ad work, we can offer you a nice collab with one of our partners in that field.


Contact us personally to find out what we can do for you. Give us a call or send us an message and we’ll invite your for a cup of good coffee in our beautiful office next to Vondelpark.