6 key ingredients for your brand DNA


What main elements define a strong brand? We listed 6 important ones below. All the elements together form a brand style guide. This is a document that you always can use for creating new materials as a website, social content and presentations. Ok here we go.





1. Brand narative

When you introduce yourself, you have a story. You have a narrative, and yes.. do does a brand. Each brand needs to tell a story. Because if you can, your customer also will. What story do you want to tell the customers? A powerful tool that you can use for finding a powerful story, is looking at Joseph Cambell’s Hero journey. The cycle occurs and reoccurs in different shapes and sizes throughout life, professional development and product and business development. In what part do you play the most important role?



What makes an identity? Karl Jung defined a few universal archetypes. We can use them for people, but also for brands. Take a look at the characters below. Do you recognize which one suits you? Take a look at some of your competitors and see if you can find the main character they are using! 





The values that fit your brand, will align in some way with your brands’ character. Of course they don’t have to be exactly similar as portrayed in the image above. Tweak them so it suits your brand. Also make sure you make a difference between your personal values, organizational values and the values of your brand. They might seem the similar.. observe again.


4. Define your tone of visuals

Tone of visuals refer to all the core elements from to the use of color to the use of photography. First brainstorm and define the core elements, next you can make a mood board for inspiration.

Also check our post about visual flavors to learn more about the importance of creating a distinguishing ‘vibe’.


A recognizable tone of voice will support the values you want to communicate as a brand. Diction and tone are 2 key elements in creating a tone of voice is. Diction refers to the choice of words, and tone to the expression of attitude. What is your type of customer brand relationship? How do you approach your customer? As a friend, or as an authority? As you can imagine, this has an impact on both the action and the tone you will use.  

6. Brand assets

A logo, website, photography, video or illustrations. All the ingredients that refer to your brand, are called brand assets. Make sure you have a base of files and images, so you can use it consistently on all your channels and marketing materials.


Want to start?

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