Finding your place in the market

You have an absolutely genius idea. You also know the your story want to tell your market. But what is the value of your offer and what calls your customers? A good step number 2 for building a strong brand, is to find your place in the market.

Think (and then, think again) about who your customers are. Ask yourself, which problem do I solve with my product or service? And then, who has this problem?

It could very well be that the group of customers you isolate with these two questions is still diffuse. The trick is to keep on going till you’ve defined your niche market. You can look from age cohorts, geographic markers, professional background, educational levels to stuff as deep as life philosophy and whether they like brussels sprouts (or not).

True, customer segmentation is not the easiest thing and can seem particularly tricky when you don’t have a big bunch of data and a data analyst to answer your questions (and a good amount of money, this kind of data is expensive)

King Eve’s girls have found a smart way to tackle the above.


King Eve guides you in

  • Finding your place in the market
  • How to look at competitors
  • Defining your value proposition

After this you have

  • Your pinpoint on the market map
  • A clear image of your customers
  • Your product offer refined accordingly

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