Make your brand grow: rank & prioritize

At King Eve, we like to make things simple. Sweet, but simple. That also goes for the last step of our brand building script. Step number 5. If you are curious about King Eve’s down-to-earth rabbit rules for making your brand and your business grow, you should keep on reading. Imagine your new brand is on air. Your website has the good looks and smooth flow you dreamed of. The people from your target group who visit your website seem to get your point and part of them actually falls in love and switches to the desired action mode. You have created a vehicle for yourself that seems to have real potential. The birds are singing and the early sun rays make the morning dew shimmer like diamonds.

There’s a good chance that parallel to the above scenery, there’s about a hundred things that are fighting for the top 5 on your to-do-list and you feel quite a bit confused about in which of your many smart ideas you should invest your energy and resources – in order to move things into the right direction for you and for your business.

Like with most things we’re posting here on our blog, we hope you can find some comfort in the idea that it’s completely normal to feel this way.

1. Gather all your idea’s

Go crazy, write down everything that comes up in your mind. Try not to think in limits of time or budget.


2. Rank your idea’s

The trick is to start prioritzing your ideas, using desired output (in your case probably defined as business growth) as a primary marker. Be critical about factors like availability, scalability and relevance for your target group. 

3. Pick & prioritize

When you rank your ideas in this way, you can make informed decisions about what comes first and what comes next.

This is one of the essenitals of what we nowadays call in fancy terms ‘growth hacking’. Sifting and sorting ideas from a focussed and informed place.

King Eve’s ladies have developed a sheet for gathering and ranking ideas. If you are curious, drop us a line in the comments or send us a e-mail! Oh and sure, fancy growth hacking also involves the real fancy stuff like SEO and ads. If that actually ends up high up your list, there’s some really cool specialists we involve in our projects to wave that magic wand for you.

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