Exploration of the Hero’s World: 4x brainstorm tips

If you want to build a brand, this can be a good step number 1 for you to take on the road to… well, building that brand.

Instead of focussing on your market right away, first give some room to your own immaculate ideas.

1. List your products & services

Write down an elaborate description of your products and services without holding yourself back because of the details that are not sure yet.


2. Dive into the theory and methodology

Take a deep dive into the theory and methodology that supports your offer and see how your findings can add to the above – make a lot of notes, more is more here!


3. Find genius quotes

See if there are some famous geniuses you can quote, you’ll figure out later how this trick can work to your benefit.


4. List your selling points

Try to come up with all selling points you can think of, that is why YOU think the whole world should want to get what you got.


Most likely, the taste and the trouble of the people in your market eventually are deciding factors in your branding, but there is something about starting from within. We call it ‘the exploration of the hero’s world’ and it’s the first step we take when you work with us.

  1. Download King Eve’s basic brand building script to get started!

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